Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Rat Needs help

Since this is a blog called Happy Rat Blog, I guess it wouldn't kill me to post something about my rats once in awhile!

My boy Adams, he of the continuous respiratory infections also has mental health problems, it appears.
He'll do the strangest things, like fight with yogurt. Yup, yogurt. I have no idea what yogurt has done to offend him, but he will swipe at it and run away, sometimes even hiss at it and puff up his fur.

He always eats the yogurt, but he has to give it a good drubbing first. The yogurt always loses the fight.

The newest weird thing he did was when I bought them new hammocks. I thought cotton hammocks would be a nice change from the fleece lined ones for the hot summer months. I was mistaken.

Adams wanted to put the cotton hammock in his little house so bad, that he became obsessive about it. He tried pulling it in there for HOURS. He tried over and over again. It was the most pathetic thing I ever saw.

I tried distracting him, I gave him some other cotton material to use, but no soap, he wanted the the hammock in his house and he wanted it in there NOW.

After a few hours, the hammock was wet with rat spit from him pulling on it.

I couldn't take it anymore, I took it down and gave it to him and he put it in this house, happy as a ... well, rat.

I went back to the fleece hammocks and he hasn't tried it since.

Here's a video.

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