Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The New Boys are Here!

The world's cutest rats are now in residence at my condo.


See, I kid you not.
That's Edison on the left and Tesla on the right. They're just about five months old.
They came from, a wonderful organization run by some really dedicated people. My boys were two of 15 babies and two adult females crammed into a dirty 10 gallon aquarium. Poor little things! They have the good life now, though. (And I never cease to remind them of it!)

I was hoping to be able to introduce Calhoun to them, I think he might have enjoyed having new buddies around, but by the time the new boys came to live me, Calhoun was too sick. He did get to sniff them through the bars of the cage, and he seemed to perk up a little when he saw them. 

I totally forgot how much energy young rats have. Great googley-moogley, they hardly ever seem to take a break. I assume they must sleep sometime, but I have no evidence of it.

Edison, hangin' out in his castle. 

They have very distinctive personalities. Edison is all fun and games. He's friendly, outgoing and real food-hound. When I shake the treat container, he comes running. Actually, it seems like I just THINK about shaking the treat container, he comes running. He can't take a chance on missing one! He's bold and seems to like to explore, but not with the same single-minded drive that Calhoun seemed to have, thank goodness. It's a lot less stress not to have rats who always seem out-smart you!

Tesla, running for cover into his hidey-house.

Tesla on the other hand is VERY timid. I don't think I've ever seen an animal more afraid of EVERYTHING. He's even way more skittish than Adams,  and I thought Adams was a scaredy-rat!
Getting him used to me has been a long, slow process. He's at the point where he will come to me for a treat (or at least most of the way, sometimes I'll meet him half way) but as soon as he gets it he's off like a shot to hide and eat it.

When they have their out of the cage time, Edison climbs all over me, nuzzles me, lets me tickle him. It takes about 15 or 20 minutes before Tesla will come over to me, and I still have to move VERY SLOWLY, because any sudden movement or noise panics him. But everyday he seems to be getting a little more used to me, and I'm sure we'll be buddies in no time. He'll let me hold him, but noises will make him twitch and tremble. I feel so bad for the poor little guy.

Despite their bad start in life, neither has shown the slightest aggression towards me. They are just as sweet as can be.

They live in a Critter Nation Double cage, which if you take proportion into account is actually bigger to them than my condo is to me. They have a wheel, hammocks, tubes, houses, toys, and all kinds of fun things. They actually take nice care of their things. I haven't had to replace much yet. I went through about 20 hammocks with the other boys, but Edison and Tesla don't seem to chew them. Even their toys are in good shape, and they do play with them. One exception is that they had a little Flintstone car, and Wilma seems to be missing her head. Oh well. 

It's become my goal to find a food that these two won't eat. Adams, Calhoun and Mr. Rat had a few things they wouldn't touch...any kind of berries, asparagus, dog treats. These two guys inhale everything I put in the cage, even the rat food! Until now, I thought rats eating rat food was just a myth, never thought it actually happened! I can't shovel the food into the cage fast enough for these two. So far peas, bananas, and tofu seem to be their favorites.

I'm going attempt to try to teach Edison some tricks...we'll see how that goes! I'll keep you posted.


  1. Adorable fellows! Glad they will have a great life with you!

  2. Awww! Could your boys be any cuter? I love the photo of Edison peeking out of his castle. Now my boys are going to want one! I'm sure Tesla will come around soon. Thanks for sharing this post with all of your fellow Rat Fan Clubbers! :)

  3. You have adorable rats. Found your blog through Pinterest. I have 10 rats. :)